Connect-A-Tech is driven to helping you succeed by providing reliable, friendly and competent technical assistance whenever and wherever you need. Our capable technicians are dedicated to helping you experience a stress free computing experience. We’re certified and able to support any technology challenge both competently and efficiently.

Hi! I’m Ted.THans.Avatar

I founded Connect-A-Tech back in the 80’s by successfully helping friends and family with their computer problems.

Through persistence and tenacity, I have grown Connect-A-Tech into the friendly, reliable, Denver based, computer service and repair company that it is today. As Connect-A-Tech’s directing primary technician, I am positive that we can help you overcome any and all challenges that you meet.

It is my goal to see you succeed by removing your stressful technology concerns, allowing you to focus on your preferred tasks.

Call me anytime to discuss how Connect-A-Tech can help you!

Connect-A-Tech, Denver
Theodore S. D. Hans

Phone:  303-994-1224